Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Low Tide mermaid reworked painting

Well, there appears to be another completed piece of art on my desk!! I am in awe, honestly, I have been so stupid busy that I was beginning to think I would never make another piece of art. Of course, she is a remake of one of my older illustrations, so it's not like I had to do all kinds of thinking. Still, I am quite satisfied with the way "Low Tide" turned out, and it was nice to just PAINT.

So, here she is- "Low Tide"- an introspective mermaid-type lady, in vibrant colors with lots of contrast. She is an original painting, 7" x 5" on a canvas panel. I have listed her for auction on eBay, starting at $35. You can visit the auction by clicking the picture or the link below it :)

"Low Tide" mermaid painting auction on eBay

Here are a few work in progress shots of her, and her sister piece "Wishing Pond" (that one has been sold already)

This is the illustration I drew back in 2010 (holy mawgosh that was a long time ago):

Ummm, what else, what else...I am planning another doll for July. I will warn you all, I have a clown obsession, so the next doll....yeah, clownesque. (sorry for any clown fears (sorry not sorry)). I also have a dragon art card or two kicking around here that I should really find, add color, and share with you all :) Everything else I am working on is Dorkling related, so should you have any interest in any of that, you can see it all on my zombietoes site.

darklingtreasures.com and/or zombietoes.com

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Georgine & Rufus- a Monster High Doll Repaint

I have discovered the disturbingly consuming and highly fulfilling hobby of refacing Monster High dolls. Having nude, faceless, dismembered doll parts scattered all over the place somehow makes sense for my lifestyle. I like the challenge of giving them new personalities and faces. I like that I've gotten back to my mixed media art roots through this weirdness. This is my first ever publicly unveiled repainted doll. She is certainly not perfect, but I had a lot of fun revamping her!

Below are a few work work in progress shots, as well as what the doll looked like originally. I didn't manage to take any of my own "before" pictures, so I have borrowed one (credit under the pic).

More or less what she looked like when I got her- photo credit to barbiebeauties.wordpress.com

after stripping the original paint off her face

a few layers of "new face"...and the full outfit

"Georgine" was previously a Monster High Draculaura doll. Then I got a hold of her, muahahaha...now she is a kind of creepy soubrette who prefers tutus to too much face paint. She and her balloon Rufus like to sit outside the ice cream parlor and freestyle sing to passers-by. Part clown, part candy princess, all sweet!

a close up

full shot!

I have listed her for auction on eBay HERE with a starting bid of $15. Adopting her into your home would allow me to start working on another pretty dollie, so you know...Consider supporting a living artist. I will also have you know that my BFF is PISSED that I am starting this auction so low. But I'd like to get her a home more than I'd like to get lots of money, more for reasons of storage space and all that. I tried to explain this to my BFF and she just gave me THE LOOK, hahaha.

Additionally, Georgine has her very own webpage on my Darkling Treasures site HERE, with a bunch more pictures and info.

Thank you for taking time to look! :)

darklingtreasures.com and/or zombietoes.com

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I'm back and I brought a Clown with me!!

Well, Hi, I'm back!

Couldn't stay away forever, though at times it would make my life more simple...:) I am currently in the act of accepting that I have more than one artistic style, and both are valid and deserving of expression. So, I've decided to step back into the fantasy realm from time to time...plotting on releasing one new fantasy piece a month! Hopefully I won't punk out and go back on these plans ;) Gah! The life of an artist...had I known...perhaps I would have gone to college (hahahahaha). Well...I really have no poetic words of wisdom, but I will say this- it is just ridiculously stupid to deny who you are, even if who you are is a complete and utter lunatic.
Okay, art time, then...Here is my newest Darkling painting- "Scribbles the Clown" (aka My Clown Face).

Click here to see more of Scribbles :D

This is an ACTUAL portrait of my face, taken from a photo of me in my Halloween costume. Hmmmm, well, it USED to be *just* a Halloween costume, but I've taken a liking to wearing it while drinking and talking shit. Sometimes, I like to wear it and PRETEND I am drunk, but really I am soberly talking shit. (What? You'd really hit a drunken girl clown with glasses? Shame on you!! :P)

So...Yes, back to "being a professhunal"- there will be one new fantasy piece a month, some sort of crazy blog ramble to go along with the new art, and then posters and prints shortly after each new release :) And of course, website updates and such. I tried to quit painting mermaid boobs, I really tried...but you know, it's just not worth the cost, to NOT do it. ;)


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

"Ms. White" snow white painting + a song, Blue Dutchess mermaid ACEOs, and Commissions OPEN!

It's princess time, y'all...

I've finished up my Snow White painting. She's very moody, I must say! I don't believe that being a princess of any kind is all that it's cracked up to be, and I think this lady would share my sentiments, judging by her pose and the look on her face.

A little background on this piece: I started her on a whim; my homage to the beginning of autumn, raven-haired beauties all over the globe, to the random piles of apples I have been coming across in my daily life. No, really, there are at least three giant piles of apples in my back yard (and there is no apple tree there) and one up the street, ON the street, in fact...not to mention the tiny crab apples that rain down along the sidewalks and get squished into the soles of my sneakers every time I go for a walk. APPLES everywhere. Probably a lot of drunken squirrels, too!

The aspects of Snow White that I can appreciate the most are her work ethic and motivation to stay alive. She was banished for her beauty- something she cannot help, nor uses to her advantage. Her kind heart (though naive) and her fearlessness in asking for help are what get her through. She never expects anything from anyone. She works hard. She takes what is offered to her graciously. Even a poison apple. Even a whole bushel of them. She is a good girl, through and through.

However, even good girls get a little pissy sometimes. Here is "Ms. White" in one of those introspective moments, surrounded by the fruit that put her in a glass coffin. Perhaps she is coming to the realization that no matter which apple she chooses, it will have some sort of delicious poison inside...after all, the apple seed itself does contain trace amounts of cyanide ;)

"Ms. White" original Snow White painting

She is a 10" x 8" acrylic painting, currently up for auction on eBay- click the picture above to see the listing, and perhaps even place a bid! Of course, I do have a song to go with this painting:

Yay! So, another new thing this week is the double sided ACEO prints of "Blue Dutchess"! These are printed in archival inks on glossy cardstock, initialed on the back. On the front is the image of the finished painting, and on the back is the original sketch art, along with the story blurb about this piece. They are very pretty!

You can get one on eBay right now (starting bid $3)-> "Blue Dutchess" ACEO on eBay
I will have them available through my website very soon...In the meantime, if you'd like one but don't want to deal with eBay, you can always send me an email with "Blue Dutchess ACEO request" in the subject line, or something to that effect. Affect? Gah! I never know. A small salute to my grammatical ignorance. Anyhoo, $4 for a Blue Dutchess ACEO, free shipping...that was my point :)

Perhaps some of you will be excited about this next tidbit of news- commissions are now officially open again! Yayayayayayay! It's a little bit different this time around...I've set things up as a menu, so you can pick and choose artistic options depending on your needs and price range! I'm hoping that this set up makes as much sense to you as it does to me...But you can always ask me a million questions about it, I'd be happy to answer them. That being said, why don't you take a peek at my updated and open for business Custom Art page: Have Em make you something special!

Mmmm, that's about everything for now. I will have "Ms. White" up on my website and available as prints and posters, etc, in a week or so. I hope. Decisions on the next painting will be made soon. I hope. I will get some comics drawn and inked for my Dorkling comic strip. I gosh-dern hope. Yes, so that's all. Talk soon!


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Monday, September 23, 2013

Snow White #2 WIPs, Raven 24, + The Last Straw scarecrow pin up

Ahh, well...it's autumn!

I've been bouncing around a bit lately, not really having much ability to sit still and work these days. Perhaps I am just enjoying the last of the beautiful weather...I cannot STAND winter, and am trying to soak up all the sun I possibly can before it is dark all the time...:\ As "darkling" you would think I would like the winter. But...f@ck that sh!t, it is too cold, and too depressing, and I am getting myself another sun bulb because I can't afford to move somewhere closer to the Equator. Meh. MEH! LOL.

Yes...anyway...I have been working a little bit on my Snow White painting- this is the second Snow White piece I have created recently. She is a 10" x 8" acrylic painting on a canvas panel; here are some work in progress pictures:

She should be finished up soon, and I have plans to list her on eBay- if you are interested in scooping her up before I do list her, feel free to email me for details and such. Also remember that I can offer payment plans for any piece- there is no need to pay all at once :)

I've gotten back into the raven thing over the past few weeks, and have one completed and listed for sale on eBay! This is "Raven 24"- an original mixed media piece (acrylics, inks, vintage sheet music on masonite)... Bidding starts at $45, just click on the picture and it should take you to the auction.

"Raven 24" original bird art

One more new original, "The Last Straw", has been relisted on eBay this week (she did not find a home last time around). An original pin up scarecrow lady, with...a crow! I am terrified of scarecrows, they creep me out in a very visceral way. This time of year they are everywhere I look, it seems. Most of them are friendly Halloween kitschy versions. Some of them are real, rotting, blowing in the wind, stained, and make me want to pull out my hair. For unfounded and completely ridiculous fears such as these, I like to "face them" by drawing my own versions. The original "The Last Straw" is a pen and colored pencil illustration, and she's up for bids (starting at $25) on eBay! Click the picture or the link below it to check out the auction :)

"The Last Straw" original scarecrow pin up art

That is about it for now. I am awaiting the arrival of double-sided ACEO prints of "Blue Dutchess"- the mermaid remake I did earlier this year. I am also working on the commission page of my website, because I have finally decided to re-open them to the public once again :) Updates on all that stuff, plus the completed Snow White painting, will be up in about a week!!



Saturday, August 31, 2013

Warmth, Snow White, and some other random updates

Hi hi!
There are a few new pieces for me to share- just a few small ones this round. I have been slowly working on the next big painting, though she is not a rework of an earlier illustration, so she is taking a bit longer to sketch out than I'd like, but that's life. Perhaps if I weren't being so particular about the details, she's be onto the next stage by now...but I'm getting fussy in my old age. ;)

Blah blah...

I've been staring at my "Brown" ACEO pin up illustration often lately:


I just love her so much I had to do a small rework! Here is "Warmth":

"Warmth" original painting

She is an original 5" x 7" acrylic painting on a canvas panel- being auctioned off on eBay HERE with a starting bid of $25. She's sexy, she has class. Only the peek of one nipple, haha! Very simple and art nouveau inspired. I wish I could afford to keep her around, but her style demands a more refined home than I can really provide at this time. (That's a really fancy way of saying "I haz the poor").

Now...Snow White! This is a small intro piece to my next painting with the same theme! I had two sketches of her, and this one has been transformed into a full color illustration. She is not the prim and proper Disney princess version- I should note here that I am not a fan of the Disney corporation. Of all the fairytale ladies, I can relate to Snow White the most. I'd apologize for the swear word in this piece, but I'd be lying if I said I was sorry.

"How You Like Dem Apples?" original illustration

She is an original mixed media illustration, on some kind of fancy art paper that my step-mother gave me. Should you have an interest in owning her, do head over to the eBay listing- bidding starts at $25: "How You Like Dem Apples?" Snow White original illustration

One more eBay mention- I have some double-sided ACEO prints of "Outersea" in stock, complete with a stupid typo on the back! Woo hoo, silly!

There is one for auction HERE on eBay, or you can order them through my website HERE!

Speaking of website, I have finally updated her (yes, my website is a girl) With poster and print options for "Pris-tend" as well as "Outersea"- Check out the newness: darklingtreasures.com

Yeah. So, all that stuff. I'm back tot he drawing board to work on the background for the new Snow White painting. Side note- if you've noticed that many of my recent artworks feature ladies with their eyes closed, cool. So have I, and I think that it's a sure sign that I could use more sleep in my life.


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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

NEW Repaint- "Outersea" octopus mermaid, plus NEW double sided ACEO prints and Dragon Doodle!

Well, hello there!

So...A new painting!! Hooray!! I have been quite slackerly with the blog, and for that I am truly sorry. The more I joke about feeling sympathy for the White Rabbit, the more like him I become. Forgive the lack of work in progress shots, too. I've been posting them to my personal Facebook profile, and not my Darkling Treasures Facebook page, mainly because I feel like it's a waste of time. I've had to go back to basics, for sanity's sake (hahahaha, like I even know what that IS)...Back to basics is: WEBSITE, this BLOG, and my personal Facebook profile. Feel free to add me HERE as a friend, though I MUST reiterate: This is my personal profile. I may not actually be as whimsical, innocent, or even as nice and sweet as I perhaps (and quite accidentally) have led you to believe.

*ahem* aaanyhow, onto the new art!! Weee! "Outersea" is by far one of the most detailed, tedious, and irritating piece I have worked on to date. Strangely, she is also pretty impressive. At least I think so. After the initial concept re-sketch in pencil, I had no plans for her. No color scheme, no background ideas, no real purpose behind her...just flying by the seat of my pants. So, I spent a lot of time just staring at her, a bunch of grey lines on an otherwise white canvas. At a certain point, I just started adding color, because sometimes you have to work without inspiration...that's when it will sneak over to you and attack your toes under the desk. Perhaps that was my cat. It doesn't matter now. This mermaid lady and I went with the flow until we decided she was complete. Here is the finished painting:

"Outersea" original mermaid octopus painting- for auction on eBay

She's currently up for auction on eBay HERE for ONE MORE DAY, and if she ends with no bids, she does have a destination. What I am trying to tell you is that this is your only chance to get the original!! And at half price, too! That's a wicked good deal. Just sayin.

Of course, I do have a SONG to go with this piece :) "Splish Splash" by Bobby Darin:

Also noteworthy- I've got some special NEW ACEO art prints of "Pris-tend" and "Button Pusher" listed for auction on eBay. I call these 'special' because they are DOUBLE SIDED!! This is something I've been wanting to do for awhile now. The ACEOs are professionally printed in archival inks on cardstock- the front features the full color painting, and the back displays the original concept illustration and the story blurb to go along with the piece. Because these prints have art on BOTH sides, I *have* raised the starting bid from my usual $2 for an ACEO to $3, but that is still a fair price. Check them out:

"Pris-tend" double sided ACEO print

"Button Pusher" double sided ACEO print

Ooh, and a new original Dragon Doodle! This is "Cold Shoulder":

"Cold Shoulder" original dragon sketch art on eBay

Now...back to the desk!!


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