Thursday, June 7, 2012

Where I've been and what's going on: The Crossroads

Hi. I've been quiet for awhile now, I know. Normally, after a long spell of silence, I have something incredible to share. I suppose in a way that I do...

Ferocious internal shifting has left me at a crossroads where my art is concerned. My perspective has changed a bit, and I am finding it difficult to create images in the vein that Darkling Treasures bleeds through. My muse has taken a new and exciting path, and I have two choices...I can stay behind and continue on my own, or I can follow that crazy bastard into waters unknown. It's not even a choice, really, for I am tied to my dreams, even if they happen to change.

This has been percolating for a good while, and I have written and rewritten this blog post too many times. I realize that I cannot just disappear into the night, there may actually be people out there that have noticed my lack of online presence...and a smaller portion still may have a tendency towards caring/curiosity...In an effort to celebrate my new creative mantra K.I.S.S.(Keep It Simple, Stupid), here's the short version:

WHO: Darkling Treasures
WHAT: Summer Sabbatical
WHEN: Now until the end of summer...Sept/Oct-ish I would guess.
WHERE: Irrelevant
WHY: I need a break. I want to teach myself how to relax. I want to draw cartoons and comics. I want to play and be silly; I want to experiment with other art stuff. I have projects that continue to get ignored that I really want to put some time into.

OTHER INFO: I will continue to list art (originals, ACEOs, Prints, etc) for auction on eBay HERE.
BOTH of my etsy shops will remain open and stocked: all the fantasy art you want will still be here! monsters, Dorkling, lowbrow, hand sewn stuff, new items and art this summer!

My Zazzle Shop will remain OPEN and I will be updating occasionally with new products and designs.
The website- will absolutely remain up and running, and I WILL be updating the galleries and other pages all summer.

So much for short, hey? Figures. So...Basically I will not be producing new *fantasy* art, or at least not sharing, publishing, or offering any new pieces for sale. Commissions will remain closed until further notice. Ummm...I will try to post a blog once a month or so to let you know what kinds of insanity I have been up to. I hope that you can hang in there, but I will certainly understand if you can't. There is a lot of amazing art in the world, so...I will try to share my favorites from others when I find them!

Mad Love, and do not forget, you can get lots of me over the summer at!!

Visit my website- tons of images available as art prints and posters: Loads of fun stuff- T shirts, stickers, mugs, stationery, bags, buttons, and more in my Zazzle Shop!

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