Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I'm back and I brought a Clown with me!!

Well, Hi, I'm back!

Couldn't stay away forever, though at times it would make my life more simple...:) I am currently in the act of accepting that I have more than one artistic style, and both are valid and deserving of expression. So, I've decided to step back into the fantasy realm from time to time...plotting on releasing one new fantasy piece a month! Hopefully I won't punk out and go back on these plans ;) Gah! The life of an artist...had I known...perhaps I would have gone to college (hahahahaha). Well...I really have no poetic words of wisdom, but I will say this- it is just ridiculously stupid to deny who you are, even if who you are is a complete and utter lunatic.
Okay, art time, then...Here is my newest Darkling painting- "Scribbles the Clown" (aka My Clown Face).

Click here to see more of Scribbles :D

This is an ACTUAL portrait of my face, taken from a photo of me in my Halloween costume. Hmmmm, well, it USED to be *just* a Halloween costume, but I've taken a liking to wearing it while drinking and talking shit. Sometimes, I like to wear it and PRETEND I am drunk, but really I am soberly talking shit. (What? You'd really hit a drunken girl clown with glasses? Shame on you!! :P)

So...Yes, back to "being a professhunal"- there will be one new fantasy piece a month, some sort of crazy blog ramble to go along with the new art, and then posters and prints shortly after each new release :) And of course, website updates and such. I tried to quit painting mermaid boobs, I really tried...but you know, it's just not worth the cost, to NOT do it. ;)


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