Monday, May 13, 2013

Button Pusher re-work nude pin up Illustration to Painting + Music + RAMBLE!

New Painting Time!! Weee!

This is my rework of "Buttons"...She was originally illustrated as a 7" x 5" colored sketch- see the picture:

I do have an ACEO or two of her left, if you'd like one, just shoot me an email: I want an ACEO print of Buttons! and let me know! They are $3 each, I only have 1 or 2 left. I am also adding one in with the original painting if/when she sells :) Then that version of "Buttons" will be retired forever! :0

So, a bit about the process, and the life I led in the shortish time it took to recreate this piece: First, I would like to just mention two words (and please forgive me, I am about to "hippie out" on y'all a little)- Manifestation, and Serendipity. I am ONLY going to mention them, however, and say this one little thing- it is my firm and substantiated belief that WHAT YOU PUT INTO THE UNIVERSE IS WHAT YOU WILL GET OUT OF THE UNIVERSE. I am sure many of you have seen the Snapple commercial "put good in, get good out" or's true. Or...perhaps it is just that whatever you believe so firmly is what will happen. Crap. That thought had more to do with my painting in my head than it does typed up. I suppose what I am trying to say is that I have come to experience serendipity as a product, as proof, that manifestation is a real, working magic. Lately there has been a fair amount of serendipity around, enough that I would notice (because we all know I live in a low-pressure, but pretty dense cloud hovering just above the ground). Now...I'm pretty sure the events that follow will give you a little glimpse into why I say these things.

To get into the mood to paint this particular piece, I actually did a sewing project first (results are HERE!). I love my sewing machine. I will never not have a sewing machine in my life. It was upon completing this project that I finally sketched out the new "Button Pusher" piece, complete with an old-timey sewing machine/audio-listening contraption fusion thingy. It would be cool to have a machine like this...but I'm not sure how safe it would be. Really. I have suffered some pretty nasty injuries from my beloved sewing machine. One time, a needle broke, flew up, and hit me RIGHT IN THE EYEBALL. Everything worked out for the best, as I still have both my eyes in (mostly) working condition.
Once I got her onto canvas and started shading her, filling in skin, adding a little life...things in MY life got all weird. I mean, more condensed weirdness than usual. I noticed that while I was bringing this lady to life, a lot of the personal buttons in MY life were being pressed...good, bad, a variety of in-betweens. That is why I mentioned the manifestation. It was starting to creep me out, even, so...I did break away to work on some cartoon art. But enough rambling. Basically, this piece has a statement, I suppose, and it would be something like this-

Pushing Buttons can get things done. Everything is connected, though, so be freakin careful about the buttons you do push. Also, nekkid tattooed ladies are hot. She is currently up for auction on eBay- click her picture or the link below it for all the info ;)

"Button Pusher" original reworked painting (on eBay)

It's funny to me what I ramble on about, and what I do not ramble on about. Sheesh. So...continuing the theme of serendipity and manifestation...I had originally had another song picked out for this post...Dare I tell you...Yeah, it was "Pink" by Aerosmith. I'll wait until you are done laughing. It's okay. I love that song. What. But then, the other morning, I remembered the band Tweaker (a side project of Chris Vrenna-NIN drummer) and this song...which I just adore and feel it was probably written for me (not at all the truth, but I live in fantasyland after all):

Tweaker-"It's Still Happening"
I'm sorry, they've disabled the embed function for this video, and I don't want to post another version of it because THIS VIDEO is AWESOME. AS is the song. ;)

Good grief, that is quiet enough rambling. I am so sorry. I often read other artists' blogs, and they are so helpful and informative (see or inspiring and exciting (see mine is just full of crazy. Perhaps that is my charm. Perhaps it is best not to question such things. ;)

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  1. I love the "Button Pusher" Em, great job! Shes so unique =)

    1. Thank you, love! I am happy with the way she turned out...I never know what's going to end up happening with my art, even though I plan it out before I paint now.