Thursday, June 9, 2011

New paintings- Short Circuit Circus/ Prep Monster, New ACEOs- fairy rock star + a mermaid! Plus, a decent ramble!

I was going to post this last night, but we got more crazy thunderstorms and I am a dork and don't like my computer on when it's like I am posting now! :D
I've got two new paintings to share, plus a few brand new ACEO originals, along with a BUNCH of art auctions on eBay...

The first new painting is titled "Prep Monster"- she is a sort of self portrait, I suppose, of me at my day job...or how I wish I could be...or something. She is listed in my darklingemily etsy shop; there's a blurb written up for the painting, to give a feel of what was going through my mind when I came up with the concept for this piece. She is an original 11" x 14" acrylic painting (on canvas panel, wire hanger on the back)...Please do visit the link below her picture for all the info!

"Prep Monster" original surreal fantasy art painting

Some of you may have already seen this next new painting, as I listed her last week, but have not posted about her until now..."Short Circuit Circus" is a *really* weird piece, but I adore her just the same. It is summertime, so I am all circus-y in my head, and with all the storms lately, this is what my brain came up's on the dark side, for sure, but only in a "get the crap outta there NOW" ominous kind of way ;) She is also listed for purchase in my darklingemily etsy shop; please visit the link below her picture for more details and information:

"Short Circuit Circus" original dark fantasy art painting

Onto the new ACEOs! Two brand new original illustrations, both up for auction on eBay with $5 starting bids: "Wishing Pond"- a lovely art nouveau-y mermaid ACEO, and "Noise"- a rock star fairy! (Who's a big dork? ME!) You can see the listings and even place bids if you want, at the links below the pictures:

"Wishing Pond" original mermaid ACEO fantasy illustration

"Noise" original fairy rock star ACEO fantasy illustration

Do note the freakin' TON of original paintings, illustrations,and assorted ACEO prints are also up for auction on eBay...Some fantasy, some pin up, even a few zombies thrown see everything currently up for auction, just click HERE!

I am planning on going out of town later this summer, and I need to make sure everything is in order before I help me on my mission to accomplish this, and get some art you really love, all at the same time! I also still need room on my studio walls, so *really* if there is something you see that you would like to own, do not be afraid to bid! I am trying to put everything up at the lowest possible prices, which is kind of a nono, but ta hell with it. I can always make more, I AM making more, there's too much ahhhh!! LOL! sorry for the self justification. As a last resort, I can always huffily throw my hands in the air and say to myself "I am an artist, I can do whatever I want!" Which is just terrible. *eyeroll*

That's where I'm at. Working on a few commission pieces, then onto a new painting!



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  1. Wow . love them all, but the rock star fairy is my favourite, I think. Happy weekend wishes from Norway

  2. Great stuff Em :) I love Prep Monster & Wishing Pond xo

  3. You are both wonderful! Thank you for the comments! I love all my creations, though not all are equal...I must admit, as "Prep Monster" is a sort of self portrait, I do really love her :) She seems to be a new favorite with my friends who visit the studio too! Rock Star Fairy just found a new home in Michigan!