Thursday, January 5, 2012

Two new arts- a clown and a circus lady, So Dangerous nude for auction, and the weekly COMIC!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! I vegged out and did nothing, it was awesome and much needed. I do have a bit of new art to share, and a new comic too!

Still on a clown kick, I am apologizing to anyone who has an issue with this. I can't help myself, I must do as the muses tell me. The latest clown illustration is titled "Raining Parade". I don't think this one needs too much explanation, really, it's more of a "how does this make you feel" piece. I will state that if you read the previous line with a silly muppet-esque voice, it will be closest to my intention. Do not take me too seriously; I certainly don't! Haha. Anyhoo..."Raining Parade" is an original 7" x 5" clown illustration, created in archival inks and pencils on canvas paper. You can see/read more details at the auction link- he is listed on eBay with a starting bid of $10:

"Raining Parade" Original Clown illustration

I also have another new illustration listed for auction- she is titled "Clap Hands"- a bright, circus-y piece. Created in archival inks and pencils on canvas paper (5" x 7"), she is listed for auction with a $10 starting bid! To see more, and perhaps even make a bid to give her a new home, please visit the link below the picture:

"Clap Hands" original circus pin up illustration

In another (or shall I say ongoing) attempt to make a bit more space on my studio walls, I have listed my original nude "So Dangerous" painting for auction. She is a green haired vixen, and looks innocent enough I suppose, but the sketchy great white shark and his dynamite are telling another story...She has a starting bid of $105 (regular price is $200, so this is a great deal!) and you can see all the pictures and info at the listing link below her picture:

"So Dangerous" original nude surreal painting

ANNNDDD NOW...New comic! Here is the link to the newest on my Facebook page:

Em's newest comic! Funny! Probably inappropriate! You love it, you know you do!

So that's all for art stuff, now I am going to ramble at you until your face falls off! hahahaha! Leave now if you don't want to read all this. ;)

Kay, so it's a new year. I haz bean thinkin' lots about things and stuff. Not just now, but for a long time...I've been plotting things, see? I am still in plotting mode, so I do not want to really get into details. But I do want to mention some things that will be changing a little bit in the near future...don't worry, change is good! :)
For one thing, I will be raising my prices a teesy eensy bit. Mostly on the originals, because I am grossly undercharging. I am not quite sure when the price change will go into effect, but I will let you know when it gets close. Also, when I do open commissions again, those prices will be going up. Not a lot, just a little :) Trying to be a tad more organized and a tad less hard on myself, so I am setting up a reduced creation/listing schedule for originals- I will have between 4 and 8 new pieces a month. This may sound like a lot to some of you, but for me it is next to nothing; it does frighten me a bit to scale back this much. But I need to make time to get these other things moving. Not to mention my poor, neglected website! Well, seemingly neglected, I have been working on it off and on for the past few months (shame!) and eventually will unveil the new look :) I think mostly what is holding me up is writing a new and halfway decent artist statement. I change my mind and my art so frequently, it just seems futile to try to harness my life and my passion in so many words. Maybe I should just write that. Maybe it's too 'frou-frou-I'm-an-artiste-I-can-do-whatever-I-so-please'...gah! see what I mean? I need halp. I think I will also cease ramble now.



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