Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dragon Square #2 painting, Virgo zodiac Dragon, + Dremon 3 original painting auction

Greetings from Emily-Land...

So sorry I have been slacking on the blog posts! Been busy, tired, sick, trying to get back to normal...brainstorming a lot, doing some spring cleaning...
I have some new art to share! Well, kind of new...LOL! The first piece is my latest dragon zodiac illustration (been a long time coming)! "Virgo Dragon" is an original 8" x 10" illustration, featuring a lovely cream colored dragon, with feathered wings, and big blue eyes. The glyph for Virgo, and Mercury also make an appearance. You can read more details about the art, see more pictures, and get purchase details at the link below the picture:

"Virgo Dragon" original fantasy illustration

There are also posters available of this piece HERE in my Zazzle Shop- you can choose your preferred size and paper, even canvas, even a frame!

I listed this next dragon a few days ago, but have not blogged about it yet ;) "Dragon Square #2"- a strange purple dragon, with big green eyes, perches on a golden clock gear, and there are many more in the background...This original 5" x 5" painting (acrylic on a wooden plaque) is ready to be adopted from my darklingemily etsy shop, at the link below:

"Dragon Square #2" original fantasy art

Now...In the spirit of spring cleaning, I will be holding one eBay auction a week for an original painting, starting at $9.99. This week, I have chosen to list "Dremon 3" for auction- this dremon is pretty vicious, but also sexy...;) Again, this is the original 8" x 10" painting (acrylic on canvas panel, wire hanger); to see the listing with more details, and to bid, please visit the link below the picture:

"Dremon 3" original fantasy painting- auction starts at $9.99!

I also have a few original ACEOs up for auction on eBay- each starts at $5! To see everything, just click HERE!

That's a lot of dragons ;) I guess I'm in a mood. There are some more ravens around the corner, a special St. Patrick's Day pin up, and other randomness, I'm sure...Until then, I am going to clean and paint some more!



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