Thursday, February 25, 2010

Nude Fig Jester Pin Up, New Zombie Painting, + Funny Bunny 5

Almost the weekend...:D

In this post, there is a brand new jester, a new zombie painting, and the last two Funny Bunny ACEOs (for the time being). Also, here is a reminder that my darklingemily etsy shop anniversary sale is only going on for another few days!

Okay- fair warning- this new jester is partially nude, and you can see her nips, so if you are uncomfortable with that, don't read this post...:D This is "Fresh Fig"- she is awfully cute, and naked, too! woo hoo! Plus, figs, of course! I am hanging on to the original for now, but if you like her enough to want a limited edition print, they are listed in my etsy shop- the link is below the picture:

"Fresh Fig" nude jester pin up art prints

For ACEOs, I have number 5 in the "Funny Bunny" art cards series listed on eBay. This is an original illustration in archival inks and acrylic paint over scraps of vintage book pages...The auction starts at a $5 bid, and shipping is free as usual. To see the listing, please follow the link below the picture:

"Funny Bunny 5" original cartoon rabbit ACEO

Last, but not least, is my latest zombie painting! I did not care for it when I first started it, but with enough layers of paint, I have come to like it very much. :) I call it "A Bad Approach"- it is an original acrylic painting, measuring 10" x 7" on a sheet of canvas. It is up in my zombietoes shop- to see the detail pictures and read the blurb, please follow the link below the picture:

"A Bad Approach" original zombie painting

I've also been working on some other zombie things, but they are not quite ready yet ;) so...back to the drawing table I go!



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