Saturday, March 6, 2010

Little Blue Bird Paintings and black Dragon Art

EEE! I seem to have finally come out of my slump- of course, it's only been 4 days or so, but i t was the longest 4 days I've had in quite some time...I basically did a bunch of spring cleaning, paper work, sketching, and a little moping here and there- read part of a book, watched some movies...Though there is always a ton of stuff I can find to fill my day, I never feel right when I can't make art...But I do know enough to not try to force it out, I just have to let the creative cycle do its thing.

At any rate, I have three brand new, original ACEOs up for auction tonight! I thought I'd start off small (size wise) and work into some bigger pieces...The new ACEOs are up on eBay, each with a starting bid of just $5 (and free shipping on all!). Again, these are ALL original paintings, done in acrylics on ACEO sized (2.5" x 3.5") pieces of canvas. You can find the links to each auction under their respective pictures, or to see them all on one page, click here! In no particular order, they are:

"Blue Bird 1" original cartoon ACEO

"Blue Bird 2" original cartoon ACEO

"Grey Day" original dragon ACEO

I do have a few more, but decided not to list those at the moment...did not want it to get overwhelming! Seeing as there's not much to ramble about tonight, I suppose I will be headed back to my desk to get a bit more painting done...



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