Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Dragon ACEO art and older Mermaid mixed media art

It's raining, so I spent all day painting and cleaning :)

I have two new eBay auctions up- both of them are ACEO originals. This one is a new piece- "Float" is an original acrylic dragon painting (2.5" x 3.5" on canvas). He appears to be floating lazily through a dream- this piece was, in fact, loosely based on a recurring dream I had as a child. To read more, see detail pictures, and even make a bid ( he starts at just 99 cents with free shipping!) visit the link below his picture:

"Float" original dragon ACEO fantasy painting

The other auction is an older collage piece of mine- "Sweet Stare" is a small blond-ish mermaid beauty, and she is just staring at you. Many feathers, hand made papers, paints, and inks in this little work of art make it very special and magical :) She is also up for a 99 cent starting bid with free shipping. To see details and make a bid, please follow the link below her picture:

"Sweet Stare" original mermaid mixed media ACEO

So, been working on finishing up the final custom painting from my recent giveaway. It is a Wonderland themed piece, featuring the Cheshire Cat offering Alice some growth-inducing cookies! There are work in progress photos up on my Facebook Fanpage here if you are interested in viewing the process and the painting so far :).

Also getting a new sexy jester piece going- this one has cherries! And some smaller paintings and ACEOs :) I will be posting those later on in the week, so stay tuned!



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